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Why We're The Best Online Auction For UK Customers

At Chimp Auction, our site is one of the best places to bid online.

Here’s the top 5 reasons why…

1. 1. We offer a variety of products up for auction, including toys, electricals, household goods, games consoles, gadgets, festive decorations and much more. Unlike other online auction houses, we don’t just specialise in furniture or antiques.

2. 2. All our products are retail returns, excess stock, surplus, unclaimed property or brand new stock, all sourced from major UK retailers. This means you can get some true bargains, rather than ending up paying more than usual.

3. 3. Bidding with Chimp Auction is much cheaper than the high street- and much more fun! Regular shopping is spiced up by adding that competitive element to proceedings.

4. 4. To sign up for one of our weekly auctions is quick and easy. Unlike other online bidding sites, you won’t have to spend hours filling in forms.

5. 5. Many of our products are extremely practical- for instance, the latest auction offers both tools and pushchairs. Ideal for new homeowners or parents.

Enjoy bidding with us in December, and you could get everything you need for Christmas. The whole process takes place from the comfort of your own home, with no travel costs involved.

Sign up for our latest auction here.