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Bid On Electrical Items

Going, going, GONE! For many of us nothing is more thrilling than an auction. If you’ve ever watched programmes like ‘The Auction House’, the chances are you like guessing on the final price.

Live auction are fun, compelling and enjoyable. With the buzz generated by competitive, it’s an exciting way to get items for the best price.

Rather than watching on TV, why not take part in an auction yourself? Nowadays you can bid on much more than antiques. If Victorian teapots and Queen Anne cabinets aren’t your bag, try Chimp Auction instead.

On our site, you can bid on a number of amazing electrical items. With our live online bidding, you don’t have to go in blindly, with no idea of what items are up for bidding. Instead you can view our full catalogue one day before. This will give you the perfect head start if one particular item catches your eye.

We specialise in auctioning consumer electronics and other goods sourced from major retailers. These suppliers give us excess stock, surplus, retail returns, end of line, unclaimed property and beyond economically repaired stock. If you own a business, items can be sold for just 5% commission fee.


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