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Kids Toys Online Auction UK

Now it’s the school vacation, you might be having to entertain your kids. Or perhaps you have a child’s birthday coming up this summer. You might even want to get ahead with Christmas gift buying; worryingly there are now less than 135 days until Christmas.

Whatever the need for buying toys, why not get the best prices at Chimp Auction?

From electronics to a colourful Furby, kid’s toys are the most fun items to bid on. Here at Chimp Auction we have a range of items every week, to tickle your fancy. You could get an entire Xmas stocking’s worth at drop down prices.

With our weekly timed auctions, you could get a bargain on baby accessories, girl’s dolls or toy battle ships. We also have a huge range of electronics.

An established live and timed auction in London, we have over 8 years’ experience in the online retail sector. We mainly specialise in retail returns, excess, surplus, unclaimed property and brand new stock all sourced from major UK retailers. Our aim is to provide a friendly and reliable service, with items auctioned at competitive prices, below anything you could find on the high street.


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