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Bid On Collectable Items Online

YYou like collecting, what’s better than bidding online against like-minded people? With that competitive element, it’s much more exciting, and you could get some bargain prices. It certainly beats standing in a queue a few days before Christmas, bored, tired and stressed.

Research shows that most people are considering shopping online this year. It saves lots of time, money on transport and is significantly less stressful for everyone.

To bid online this winter, sign up with Chimp Auction.

Our most recent auctions included various outdoor equipment and a huge range of consoles and games. So if you, or your loved-one, is a gamer, our online bidding is the perfect solution for both collectable and novelty items. Who knows? You could have those presents bought, wrapped and under-the-tree before December 1st.

At Chimp Auction you can bid on a huge range of products, from children’s toys to electricals. Everything comes from quality retail returns, surplus and excess stock, with each auction being timed online. Viewings taking place Monday to Saturday, between 12pm and 6pm.


Get bidding today.