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Bid On Collectable Items Online

Disappointed with this year’s Christmas presents?

Whether it was a hideous tie, the wrong video game, or yet more bed socks, there’s plenty of reasons to rejoice. Christmas is over and you can now buy stuff for yourself again, without feeling guilty. How many times, in the past few weeks, have you looked longingly at an item, only to dismiss it because you should be buying Christmas presents?

Why not bid on something you really want, at Chimp Auction?

Now the Christmas tree is being taken down, and all those sweet treats are gone, it’s a great time to have some fun bidding online. From collectible items to games and jewellery, we have something to suit every taste, whim and sense of style.

Although we’re currently closed until the 4th January, our next auction features consumer items such as cosmetics, clothes, homeware and much more. Everything you need to replace those particularly dodgy festive presents.

This auction includes a brand new diamond ring- so, if you’re planning to propose in the new year, you could get yourself a real bargain. Don’t monkey around…head to Chimp Auction instead!


For more about our latest auction, click here.