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Bid On Collectable Items Online

Got a birthday coming up, but not a fan of traditional shopping? Why not make things more exciting by bidding online? The internet has opened up a whole world of possibilities for consumers, from swapping goods to bidding on collectibles.


It’s also now the home of many exciting online auction houses.


Whether you want to buy garden furniture, retro games consoles or children’s toys, you’ll find them all at our weekly online auctions.


Chimp Auction is a London-based, online auction house that specialises in quality retail returns, surplus and excess stock, including electronics, household goods, power tools, toys and much more.


Whether you’re buying for Valentine’s Day, Easter celebrations or have a birthday coming up, our auction house is a great alternative to trawling the shops. Online bidding adds a titillating and competitive element that makes purchasing any item more exciting. Imagine waiting for that virtual gavel to fall on your winning item.


You can grab a real bargain in 2016. All together now: ‘Going, going…gone!’


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