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Bid Online & Grab Some Bargains

Shopping on the high street is extremely stressful: the queues, the noise of kids, the prospect of rain outside and having to pay for plastic bags. Online bidding, meanwhile, can actually be relaxing and at times, even exhilarating. You can also purchase bargains you would never find on the high street.

Those nail biting moments, when you watch that sought-after item inch, closer and closer, to your clutches…nothing beats it. So don’t be a chump this spring- monkey along to one of our online auctions.

While we can’t offer you a traditional auction house, with rows upon rows of bidders, sat in rickety wooden seats, we can offer you the latest in online bidding. Instead of waving your little piece of paper in the air, customers can bid from the comfort of their own home. Why not make a cup of coffee and make an evening of it?

Chimp Auction has weekly auctions with a wide range of products, with our latest offering gaming, jewellery, watches and much more. This includes the ultimate crowd pleaser for any party- Guitar Heroes for PS4 and Xbox One, along with Turtle

Beach, Racing Wheels and more.

Our previous auction featured a huge collection of music and audio equipment, from top brands like Yamaha, Rockburn and iRig.

Let’s get bidding this April!

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